Other Products

Other Outdoor Seating Products

In addition to providing bleachers and grandstands, Bleachers International is able to offer other outdoor seating products listed below.

Press Boxes

Bleachers International has the capability to include a Press Box to your Grandstand or Bleacher.

Press boxes can be designed and installed even as your bleachers are being built. Or they can easily be added to enhance an existing bleacher system.

Your press box can be customized with these options:

  • Single and two story
  • Variety of lengths and widths
  • Number of interior partitions
  • With or without camera deck

The most common press box size is 8′ wide x 30′ long but can be built according to your needs.

From fabrication and installation of the understructure, to the design and installation of the press box itself, Bleachers International personnel is directly involved to assure that what you require is what you receive.

ADA Compliant Ramp – BEFORE Photo

ADA Compliant Ramp – AFTER Photo

ADA Compliant Ramps

We have extensive experience building customized ADA complaint ramps. Many times ADA ramps are required for the new bleachers we sell, but as of late – due to new building codes requirements – we have been asked to build ADA compliant ramps for existing bleachers.

In addition to building new ramps, we also build ADA platforms or make cutouts in the existing bleacher for people in wheelchairs.

We have the capability to design, engineer and custom fabricate ADA compliant ramps, nationwide.

Benches & Scorers Tables


We can build player/dugout benches using either aluminum or steel understructure.

The three most common bench leg types are:

  • Portable
  • Surface mount
  • In-ground mount

Benches can be built with backrests or without.

Scorers Tables

We can build scorers tables of various lengths using either mill aluminum finish or powder coated with the color of your preference.

Picnic Tables

If you are looking for picnic tables, we build them with the following options:

  • Square types and rectangular types
  • Mill aluminum finished or powder coated with the color of your preference
  • Wheelchair spaces, if necessary.